Verilog Fuzzer to test the major verilog compilers by generating random, valid Verilog.
Realistic Graphics
Environment maps can be used to render objects with realistic lighting by indexing into the map.
Noise Silencer
A real-time noise cancelling processor that reduces noise from audio.
FMark is a markdown engine in F#, supporting various extensions such as latex rendered math and macros.
Emotion Classification using Images
A convolutional neural network was trained to classify images based on 6 emotions, achieving an accuracy of about 60%.
YAGE is a game engine that was built in C++ using OpenGL as a back end.
C to MIPS32 Compiler
Implemented a C compiler to MIPS assembly code using flex and bison as the frontend. An abstract syntax tree is built from the parser and code generation is implemented as part of the AST.
Mips Processor
Implemented a MIPS I CPU simulator in C++ which can execute assembly code.
FPGA Note Reader
We built a real-time music note reader using an FPGA and a camera. It can read custom sheet music and play it back in real-time. The pitch is also adjustable using a blue marker placed anywhere in front of the camera.