Source code, Posted on June 19, 2019

Verilog Fuzzer to test the major verilog compilers by generating random, valid Verilog. Resources are listed below:

It currently supports the following synthesisers:

and the following simulator:

Supported Verilog Constructs

The fuzzer generates combinational and behavioural Verilog to test the various tools. The most notable constructs that are supported and generated are the following:

  • module definitions with parameter definitions, inputs and outputs
  • module items, such as instantiations, continuous assignment, always blocks, initial blocks, parameter and local parameter declarations
  • most expressions, for example concatenation, arithmetic operations, ternary conditional operator
  • behavioural code in sequential always blocks
  • behavioural control flow such as if-else and for loops
  • declaration of wires and variables of any size, signed or unsigned
  • bit selection from wires and variables

Reported bugs

21 bugs were found in total over the course of a month. 8 of those bugs were reported and 3 were fixed.


Type Issue Confirmed Fixed
Mis-synthesis Issue 1243
Mis-synthesis Issue 1047
Mis-synthesis Issue 997
Crash Issue 993


Type Issue Confirmed Fixed
Crash Forum 981787
Crash Forum 981136
Mis-synthesis Forum 981789
Mis-synthesis Forum 982518
Mis-synthesis Forum 982419

Icarus Verilog

Type Issue Confirmed Fixed
Mis-simulation Issue 283