2021-05-31Started an internship with Sandrine Blazy and Delphine Demange on CompCertSSA.
2021-02-05Invited seminar talk for the Celtique project.
2020-09-10Artifact review committee at OOPSLA 2020.
2020-06-17Gold medal at PLDI 2020 SRC Presentation.
2020-06-15Student volunteer at PLDI 2020.
2020-02-25Presented Verismith at FPGA 2020.
2019-12-15FPGA 2020 Verismith paper accepted.
2019-10-03Started PhD at Imperial College London with John Wickerson.
2019-09-15Submitted Verismith paper to FPGA 2020.
2019-07-15Student volunteer at ECOOP 2019.